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Operating out of the Triad in North Carolina; let our team of Greensboro internet marketing consultants help you grow your business online through the power of web design, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing!

The key to an efficient Search Engine Marketing strategy isn’t about just throwing a bunch of ideas out there to see what works.  SEM involves a significant amount of creativity and marketing theory, not to mention lots of analytics and tracking.  In fact, one of the greatest benefits of SEM is the ability of the business to accurately measure success online.

We use four separate metrics to measure and track the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy, which are: Ranking, Traffic, Conversion Rates and Referral Rates.

Search Engine Ranking

At one point, if your website’s keywords held down first place rankings on the search engines, then you had succeeded in your Search Engine Marketing campaign.  In today’s highly competitive online marketing environment, it is clear that great rankings are just a small part of achieving total SEM success.  Although very necessary to the success of your campaign, those first place spots on the search engines are worthless unless they are driving targeted traffic to your site.


If your website has a very strong ranking on the search engines but you are still not seeing a significant increase in sales, chances are your site is generating the wrong kind of traffic. Kind of hard to believe, but having a lot of visitors to your site isn’t necessarily the key to success. You don’t want just anyone visiting your website; you want targeted traffic that wants the products and services that your company has to offer. We will develop a comprehensive list of keywords that will drive these qualified and targeted visitors to your site. You can simply sit back and enjoy the higher sales conversion rates.

Conversion Rates

A conversion rate represents the leads and sales that are generated from your internet and search engine marketing efforts. So what kind of sales conversions should you expect from your site? The average website has a sales conversion rate of 2%, we can boost your e-commerce site’s conversion rates up to levels as high as 20%. Referral Rates The referral rate is the percentage of web traffic sent to your site by the search engines. The average website has a search engine referral rate of only 7%, which is very low. Our Greensboro internet marketing experts are able to provide our clients with search engine referral rates as high as 50%-70% for our more established and long term clients, while our newer clients tend to average a 20%-30% referral rate.