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PPC Management

Why is Facebook Ads Manager not user friendly?

So we are going about our normal day-to-day of managing paid advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines for customers when it dawns on us…why is the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard so difficult to deal with and non-user friendly? Compared to Google Adwords it is honesty quite ridiculous. Why? With as much revenue as they bring in from existing ad spend, you would think they could create a system that actually pleases the digital […]

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Affinity audiences coming to Google Search campaigns

“In-market audience seasonal event segments like Christmas are also rolling out for Search and YouTube campaigns.”

“Google announced Wednesday that it will be rolling out the two new audience targeting options for advertisers over the coming weeks.

Affinity audiences. These interest audiences have been available for Google Display Network and Video campaigns for years. The audiences are built around interests determined by browsing behavior. Advertisers can drill into broad interest areas like Banking & Finance and Food & Dining to select […]

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Google AdWords Campaign Management

Based in Greensboro NC, our digital marketing agency receives a lot of requests for help with Google AdWords campaign management.

Let’s face it, spending money on clicks only feels good when you’re bringing in business! Otherwise, its hard to justify the expense. Sure, you get some branding in the market. But if that paid traffic is not converting, it feels like wasted money.
Companies want to know that their advertising dollars are being maximized to their greatest […]

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Choosing Effective PPC Management Solutions

There are a lot of companies advertising a variety of PPC management solutions.
These can vary from campaigns managed by expert PPC consultants, or software programs which use AI and various analytics datasets to make campaign recommendations and adjustments in real time.

Here are a couple of ways you can determine which PPC management solution is right for your business.

Look for value in the pricing.

The best PPC management companies keep their fees as low as possible in […]

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